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The attorneys of Egley, Fullner, Montag, Morland & Easland, P.C., know that legal matters can be stressful and, at times, overwhelming. That's why we're committed to honesty, transparency, and teamwork every step of the way so you can enjoy optimal results and a smooth, seamless experience.

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Focus. With concentrations in a diverse range of focus areas, Egley, Fullner, Montag, Morland & Easland, P.C., is a versatile and well-rounded multidiscipline firm.

Experience. Years of practice have turned us into seasoned experts, but what we're more proud of than our own experience is the overall client experience. Here, it's second to none.

Value. Our team delivers unmatched value to our clients every day by achieving their goals through strategic legal counsel at a fair price.

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Our legal team is skilled at helping our clients navigate multifaceted challenges and taking advantage of opportunities.


With years of experience in a diverse range of specialty areas, our attorneys are passionate about their disciplines and understand the intricacies of the legal system.

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Our attorneys are proud to serve our great state and are qualified to represent individuals and entities throughout Nebraska.

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