Egley, Fullner, Montag, Morland & Easland, P.C.

In 2018, two esteemed and well-established Madison County law firms merged to create Egley, Fullner, Montag, Morland & Easland, P.C. Their joint vision was to establish a firm that offers effective, strategic guidance in every area of legal practice with unrivaled customer service. As experts in their respective areas of practice, our seasoned attorneys have over 140 years of combined experience between them. This union of expertise and tenure makes our group versatile and equipped to guide you through any legal matter you might encounter, from family law to business law and from personal injury to real estate.

Our mission is simple:

Providing unparalleled service through transparency, integrity, mutual respect, and devotion to the client's goals with utmost respect for and knowledge of the law. 

Norfolk Nebraska lawyers

Together, we have already earned a name for being northeast Nebraska's most trusted legal team, and we place an adamant focus on upholding our standards of excellence every day. With our guideposts of integrity, intellect, professionalism, and excellence, we are excited to continue growing, evolving, and achieving the goals of those who place their trust in us.